Our Club was started in the early 1990’s by a group of dedicated enthusiasts who had a shared passion for wood working. From such humble beginnings they were able to work towards purchasing an abandoned section in Balclutha for a nominal $1 and fund raising to build purpose built premises.


The building is located at 18 Crown Street, Balclutha and comprises a main work room, equipment store, smoko and toilet. Subsequently donated garage and shed outbuildings have given the club room to store seasoned timber in dry conditions.
The Club has a respectable range of equipment including DVR lathes, table saw, band saws, chop and radial saws, sanding equipment, jig saws, planners and thicknesser.
Over the years a substantial stock of various timbers have also been collected for members’ use. Unlike many other clubs no charge is made for members’ use of these materials.


Club days – Our normal Club meeting is held on Mondays between 1.00 and 3.00 p.m. although many members arrive much earlier. Once a month we also hold a General Meeting where all members can participate in the running of the Club and decisions are taken.
Shop – Every year the Club organises a Christmas shop in Balclutha using whatever empty premises we can beg, steal or borrow. Like most small country towns there is usually somewhere going begging but some years the choice is better than others. Proceeds from the sale of articles made by members help to keep the club afloat. .
Fair – In 2015 the Club sponsored the first Craft Groups Fair held in Balclutha and brought together a number of other Clubs to participate. The Fair was held over a week-end and enjoyed considerable success for a first attempt. This year [2016] the event has been brought forward to avoid clashes with other things happening in the area and it has also been re-branded as the’ Clutha Arts & Crafts Fair’. As well as groups we have also encouraged individual crafts people to participate as well as the town’s youth in the form of schools, Scouts and our young trainees.


Training – Every Wednesday evening the Club is open between 7.00 and 9.00 and the time is devoted to training. Whilst this mainly appeals to younger members

A & P shows – The town holds an annual A & P show in a recently built leisure centre and the Club puts on a display of its work. This gives us an extra sales opportunity as well as keeping our name well known in the community.

Commissions – Having existed in the community for over 25 years locals know where we are and what we can do. This results in frequent requests for us to make special projects for people that they cannot obtain elsewhere. Recent examples include converting a shopping carriage into an artist’s studio, a solidly built Macracarpa table and bench for a public area and a sales cart for a local charity.


  • The Club supports itself by various means in order to cover the costs associated with owning its own premises. For subscriptions we offer three grades of membership for full, associate and trainee grades which are currently $60, $50 and $30 respectively.
  • The Club also keeps a percentage of the proceeds of sale from members work in our annual shop and as of last year, the Clutha Arts and Crafts Fair.
  • The Club also accepts commissions from members of the community and surplus wood and scrap material is also sold as firewood which benefits both us as well as purchasers who normally buy it from us cheaper than elsewhere.